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Grand Opening and Consecration Ceremony for The Kagyu Institute for Buddhist Studies and Retreat Centre.

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The Kagyud Institute for Buddhist Studies and Retreat Centre in Kirtipur, Nepal is finally ready for its Grand Opening and Consecration Ceremony.

Grand Opening on 5 December 2004

It is the personal wish of Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche that all of his disciples, devotees and fervent supporters attend this grand and auspicious ceremony. Rinpoche extends his most sincere invitation to all. Rinpoche very much looks forward to seeing many of you in Kirtipur, Nepal.

This most special day marks an important milestone in Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche’s tireless quest and compassionate vision to benefit all sentient beings. It is on this day that the fruit of many years of hard work, planning and selfless personal sacrifices that Rinpoche and his countless followers across the world have made will bear fruti and become a reality.

Important Rinpoches and high Lamas from all the main traditions of Tibetan Buddhism will be invited to grace the Grand Opening and to perform the Consecration Pujas for the Buddha statues enshrined in the main Gompa. It is our honor and we are very blessed to have so many Rinpoches and high lamas to gather at Kirtipur, Nepal for this very special, auspicious and sacred occasion. It is a truly rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be in the midst of the most blessed presence of so many highly accomplished masters and holy beings.

HH14 Shamar Rinpoche and HE Trulshig Rinpoche

HH14 Kunzig Sharma Rinpoche has consented to grace this occasion which marks a milestone in the propagation of Buddha Dharma in accordance to with the Karma Kagyu tradition. HE Trulshig Rinpoche has given his most kind and compassionate consent to bestow an initiation at the newly opened Kagyud Institute for Buddhist Studies and Retreat Centre on the 6 December 2004.

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