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Kagyu Institute for Buddhist Studies and Retreat Centre.

The Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies, established by Ven Shangpa Rinpoche and formally inaugurated by HH Shamar Rinpoche and HE Trulsig Rinpoche on 5 Dec 2004. Its aim is to impart the authentic and pure teachings of the Buddha to practitioners who have a firm commitment to spiritual pursuits.

It is situated in Kirtipur, a small town located along a ridge southwest of Kathmandu overlooking the Kathmandu Valley. Due to its exceptional location, it is a particularly suitable place for retreat and study, highly conducive to attaining a peaceful heart and a harmonious mind.

The institute will be running its 2nd one-month course starting 21 Feb 2005. Details as follows :

The Stages of Meditation (also known as Bhavana Krama) Date: 21 Feb 2005 – 20 Mar 2005

Taught by: Acharya Khenpo Ramesh
The teaching will be based on a rare text, “Bhavanakrama” or “The Stages of Meditation”, written by Acharya Kamalashila, a great Indian scholar-yogi of the ninth century and a disciple of the abbot Shantarakshita.

Kamalashila was invited to Tibet by King Trisong Detsen to rectify certain Chinese misinterpretations about meditation through debate. To honor his victory, the King asked him to compose a text on the Stages of Meditation that would clearly lay out the beginning and more advanced methods for engaging in Buddhist practice leading to ultimate enlightenment. This text, a practical guide for the serious practitioner, is divided into three parts: the initial, intermediate and advanced stages. It is the basis for a particular system of meditation established in Tibet about twelve centuries ago.

The course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the text as well as of proper meditation techniques. Students will also learn why meditation is such a crucial element of Buddhist practice. The lecturer for this course is a famous academic in Buddhist Philosophy and an established practitioner in the Vajrayana Tradition of Buddhism.

Registration & Enquiries

Registration must be made via the application form
( available on our website: www.shangpa.net ).

If you like further information about the course, please contact us at:

Tel: (977) 1-433-1679


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