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The Fourteenth Karmapa, Thegchog Dorje (1798-1868)

Excerpts from Additional Records of the Golden Kagyu Lineage (gser-phreng-ka-skhong) by Topga Yulgyal

The Fourteenth Karmapa, Thegchog Dorje was born in the Danang village of the Do Kham region in Eastern Tibet. Drukchen Kunzig Chokyi Nangwa who had been entrusted with the thirteenth Karmapa's letter that indicated this reincarnation, identified Thegchog Dorje as the fourteenth Karmapa.

The Karmapa received ordination from Drukchen Kunzig Chokyi Nangwa and Situ Pema Nyinche Wangpo. He also obtained all the Kagyu instructions from these two masters. Jamgon Lodro Thaye, a close disciple, also gave teachings to the Karmapa as he had received rare Tercho teachings that Thegchog Dorje had not been able to obtain.

The Karmapa travelled throughout Tibet spreading the Kagyu teachings. He found and identified the reincarnation of the tenth Situpa, Pema Kunzang. He gave the innermost Kagyu teachings to Jamgon Lodro Thaye who became the next lineage holder.
Thegchog Dorje passed away in his sixtieth year.

Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye (1813-1899)




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