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Recent Dharma programs of H.E. Lopon Rinpoche (dec. 2004) and Grand Ceremony for Consecrating the 17 Karmapa Statues & Enshrining the Holy Relics of the 5th Shamarpa Escorted to Taiwan

Meditation course
Dec 3 to 8, 2004
at Naropa Dharma Society, Kaohsiung Branch of Karma Kagyu Monastery, Taiwan

Mahakala Puja
Dec 11, 2004
in Karma Kagyu Monastery, Tsochen, Tainan, Tawan

Grand Ceremony for Consecrating the 17 Karmapa Statues & Enshrining the Holy Relics of the 5th Shamarpa Escorted to Taiwan
Dec 12, 2004
in Karma Kagyu Monastery, Tsochen, Tainan, Tawan

Teachings on short-term retreat
Dec 17 to 24, 2004
in Karma Kagyu Monastery, Tsochen, Tainan, Taiwan

Nyoung-Ney (Fast practice of Avoloketeshvara)
Dec 31, 2004 - Jan 3, 2005
in Karma Kagyu Monastery, Tsochen, Tainan, Taiwan

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Grand Ceremony for Consecrating the 17 Karmapa Statues & Enshrining the Holy Relics of the 5th Shamarpa Escorted to Taiwan
in Karma Kagyu Monastery, Tsochen, Tainan, Taiwan
on Dec 12, 2004

We are happy to announce that a set of 17 gilded-brass statues of Karmapas, ranging from Dusum Khyenpa to the 17th Karmapa, each measuring 2.5 feet in height, are newly finished according to the wishes of H. E. Lopon Tenzin Jigme Rinpoche in the Karma Kagyu Monastery, Tainan, Taiwan.

A grand consecration ceremony for these sacred statues and an enshrinement ceremony for the 5th Shamarpa's relics will be held at same day on the 12th of December, 2004 in the Karma Kagyu Monastery. H. E. Lopon Rinpoche declared: It's our great fortune to have Arya Shamarpa's bone relics residing here in Taiwan.

A 500 years' Legend of Dharma Connection

"There shall be a monastery built on the left side of the Yangpachen as the support for Kagyu teachings and symbol of everlasting victory" said the 4th Shamarpa, founder of the Yangpachen Monastery. However, being a king in Tibet, the 4th Shamarpa was unable to fulfill his own wish due to the limit of time. Such cause and condition seem to have connection with the decline of Tibetan Buddhism.

The 4th Shamarpa had lived his life for 72 years. His whole body relics remained intact and was well kept up to date for 480 years. In 1525, the 5th Shamarpa was born. He served his whole life as a remarkable Buddhist scholar and achieved supreme realization through the practices of meditation. This Shamarpa incarnation concentrated himself on the Buddha Dharma without getting involved in politics. After he passed away, his bone relics remained intact also. Both the 4th and the 5th Shamarpas' sacred relics were well kept and enshrined in the Stupa in the Yangpachen Monastery. But no one had ever mentioned the prophecy concerning a new monastery since then.

During the Culture Revolution of China, the Red Guards attacked and ruined a considerable number of monasteries, including the Yangpachen Monastery. One day, the Red Guards approached Yangpachen, destroyed the Stupa and took out the sacred body relics. They shouted: "No Superstition!" on the square in front of the monastery, and tried to cut off the head of the holy body with raised axes. It turned out that only one of the arms of the body was slashed. Suddenly, it was bleeding from the wound. Everyone was shocked by this uncanny scene. One senior lama dissuaded these Red Guards from continuing: " It's an evil omen. If you don't return it back under the ground, there might be bad luck for everyone here!" All the Red Guards were scared and consented with this proposal. "Bury it as soon as possible! We have to put an end to superstition!"

The lamas of the Yangpachen therefore gathered the body relics of the 4th Shamarpa and the scattered the relics of the 5th Shamarpa from the square, buried them under the ground in a mood of bitter lament. However, such a memory will be revived one day once the storm of revolution had passed away.

This event was dismissed by people until earlier 1980, when restrictions on religious freedom was partially lifted under certain conditions in Tibet. It seemed there was an unusual undercurrent running through the Yangpachen. One lama dimly recollected the details about burying the holy relics of Shamarpas. All of a sudden, various rumors were spread and the lamas of Yangpachen were getting more and more restless. One night they lit up countless butter lamps there. When the conch trumpets were sounded and heard far away, the lamas of administrative staff decided to excavate the relics of Shamarpas to revive the memory and bring to life the legacy of Yangpachen.

With shovel in hand, more and more monks as well as lay people gathered together around the site of excavation. A scent of sandalwood arose from time to time. Some people said that might be scent from a certain of medicines. Finally, the tension of dangling hearts was released when the voices of the people burst out "Here they are! Her they are!" from the low-voiced chanting prayers.

It was an inconceivable miracle. The relics of the 4th Shamarpa were preserved well, with its black hair still growing long. The wound on its arm had healed over naturally. Its flesh was still soft and supple with a special scent.

The bone relics of the 5th Shamarpa were also well kept, looking as though they were fine jade. It's truly fabulous! The 421-year-old bone relics of the 5th Shamarpa, though once buried under ground for certain period of time, were getting even solid without blemish and decay, demonstrating the
pervading virtues and powers of the Shamarpa.

The kind promise to fulfill from afar

Once again the monks of the Yangpachen were assembled. In the meantime, the abbot-Dorje Lopon called for a staff meeting in order to regenerate the reputation of the Yangpachen and fulfill the prophesy of the 4th Shamarpa concerning a new Buddhist institute established on the left side of the Yangpachen. First of all, a major financial sponsor had to be designated to lead this project. Therefore, Lama Jampa was assigned as a representative by the monks of the Yangpachen. He came to Taiwan to pay his respects to H.E. Lopon Rinpoche and to seek help so that a wish made 500 years ago and an extraordinary Dharma connection would be fulfilled and attained.

Lama Jampa escorted two teeth relics of the 5th Shamarpa to Taiwan in 2002. Coincidentally, H.H. the 14th Shamar Rinpoche was giving teachings in the Karma Kagyu Monastery in Taiwan. Lama Jampa appealed to H. H. Shamar Rinpoche for his help. Therefore, in the presence of H.H. Shamar Rinpoche, H. E. Lopon Rinpoche kindly honored Lama Jampa in a meeting and accepted the offerings of the sacred relics.

A prophesy made 500 years ago finally came to reality, due to the maturity of such an incredible Dharma connection. H.E. Lopon Rinpoche from that time started to assume the responsibility for constructing the Yangpachen Buddhist Institute. In the meantime, Lama Mega was sent to visit the Yangpachen Monastery secretly by H. E. Lopon Rinpoche, conveying Rinpoche's concerns about the progress and their needs related to the construction project.

H. H. Shamar Rinpoche also wrote a letter to express his gratitude to H.E. Lopon Rinpoche, and informed him that the Government of the Tibetan Autonomous Region granted permission to rebuild a monastery in Yangpachen.

After the visits to Tibet, Lama Mega brought back some bone relics of the 5th Shamarpa, including a piece of the coccyx. In Taiwanese language this part of bone is pronounced in the same way as "Buddha bone." The holy bone relics will be formally enshrined into the Stupa within the Karmapa Shrine Hall for people to pay their respects and to worship as well.

Program procedures on Dec 12, 2004
8-12:00 Am Grand Puja for consecration.
The offerings of body, speech, and mind by benefactors.
Performance of Fire Offerings.
2-5:00 Pm Speech by Rinpoche
Perform the Praise to the Elderly Arhats
Light up butter lamps & dedication

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