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April 18 - May 19, 2005:

Gyalwa Karmapa gives initiations to the practitioners of the three-year retreats in Dhagpo Kundreul Ling
Le Bost and Laussedat, France

In February 2005, about 100 practitioners went into the traditional three year retreat in Dhagpo Kundreul Ling, a Karma Kagyu monastery in France, founded by Gendun Rinpoche. Gyalwa Karmapa was asked to give the necessary empowerments to them.

On Monday, April 18, Gyalwa Karmapa arrived from India. At April 19, a welcoming ceremony was performed in the big temple. Monks, nuns but also many laypeople came to welcome him and receive the blessing of Gyalwa Karmapa.

For about one month he will give the initiations now.

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